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As more and more people gain an interest in online gambling, an increasing number of organizations are stepping up to meet that demand. Thus, it can sometimes seem as if new online casinos are popping up every day. With so many gambling sites around, the question naturally arises of whether you should choose big brands or go with a small casino.

While all legit casinos have their pros and cons, here are the benefits of sticking with big brands in the world of online gambling.


A big brand online casino will be extremely reliable from every point of view. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about them not paying out or disappearing overnight. After all, to become a big brand, they must have been around for a while, and poor casinos don’t last long.

Furthermore, big brand casinos have been around for so long that they’ve been audited repeatedly, which means issues of trust will never be a problem.

It also helps that they’ve been around long enough to have built up a reputation. With new casinos, it can take a while for players to encounter problems. The real issues only tend to arise when it comes time to withdraw.

It can take weeks or months or even longer for players to get to the point where they want to make withdrawals, which means it can take a while to find out the truth.

With big brands that isn’t an issue because you’ll be able to discover everything you want to know about them and how they treat their players.

Also, big brand casinos are usually run by corporations. This means they have people to answer to and are subject to strict corporate governance. They can’t do whatever they like, whenever they like.


Big brands will have tens of thousands of players. They can’t afford not to have outstanding security. Thus, well-established casinos invest heavily in security. This means working with only the best game developers, but also frequently auditing the games they offer to ensure everything is above board.

They simply can’t afford the damage to their reputation if it ever came out that the security measures they took were insufficient.

Plus, they’ve been around for so long that they’ve probably dealt with all sorts of security issues, which they’ve learned from.

So, they tend to be far better prepared than a new outfit to deal with any safety concerns that might arise.


Some big brands are opting to adopt full transparency to separate themselves from the crowd. This means that some have gone so far as to publish information regarding their profits, the overall RTP, and more.

So, if you want to really know who you are dealing with, then a big brand casino is your best option.

High Level of Liquidity

An established brand draws lots of players because people trust them. Lots of players means lots of people making deposits, which translates into a high level of liquidity for the casino.

The more liquid a casino is, the faster they will make payouts. Of course, they won’t process withdrawals instantly, but you also don’t run the risk of having to wait months for your winnings.

Furthermore, a high level of liquidity also means they can offer more attractive prizes on a more frequent basis, which is always nice. Newer casinos are limited because there’s never a guarantee that enough people will play to cover the prize, so they are often a little more circumspect.

Great Rewards Programs

Big brand casinos know how important it is to keep their active players happy. Thus, they make sure to implement attractive retention programs.

So, you’ll find that established online casinos offer some great loyalty programs for all their active players.

They also treat VIP players really well. You might be required to jump through a few hoops to meet the requirements, but once you do, you’ll be treated like royalty.

Comprehensive Game Selection

Big brand casinos tend to have comprehensive game selections that will make any player happy. They’ve had a lot of time to build up their portfolio, which shows.

Good Customer Service

Just like they’ve learned the value of rewarding their active players with loyalty programs, they also know how important good customer service is.

That’s why big brands tend to invest heavily in customer support. To this end, you’ll generally find most established casinos offer excellent support.

Big Brands Offer a Great Gambling Experience

If you want to enjoy gambling online without worrying about the legitimacy of the casino, you definitely can’t go wrong with big brand casinos.

Most of them have been around long enough that you’ll know exactly what to expect. Furthermore, unlike other operations, they won’t disappear overnight. So, if you want a safe, reliable, and consistent experience, then big brands are the way to go.

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