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5,000 NetEnt Yes Roulette

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French Roulette

Players that prefer the French style roulette table layout have the options to play NetEnt’s French roulette with a single ‘0’. Different casinos will offer this table using various min/max bets limits so players can play low to high stakes games.

Table Layout

French roulette comes with a different layout to traditional roulette tables. The betting options are mostly written in French language plus the positions in which you place your chips are not the same as games such as European or US Roulette.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations

The graphics are crystal clear as you would expect from NetEnt and the animated wheel spins are flawless. You will be playing on the traditional blue virtual felt tables rather than green, and as mentioned above, the betting options are slightly different from traditional roulette boards.

You will have a dealer voice announcing wins, and there is also background music, and the sound effects of the ball locking into number when the roulette wheel spins. All these sounds can be controlled using the sound menu options.

French Roulette 1

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Mr.Play Casino

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Gameplay Options

French roulette is popular because of its unique board layout which is of course in French. There are 37 numbers from 0-36 which consists of a single ‘0’ zero which gives players better odds than American roulette tables that have 38 numbers due to having a ‘0’ and ‘00’.

Outside Bets: All of these bets are on the outside of the table area and pay either even odds (1-1) or (2-1) returns.

  • Pay Even Odds (1-1) and 48.6% RTP
  • Impair (Odd Numbers)/Pair (Even Numbers)
  • Red/Black (Red or Black coloured diamonds)
  • Manque 1-18 (Low Numbers)/Passe 19-36 (High Numbers)
  • Pay 2-1 on your bet and 32.4% RTP
  • Column bets (12 numbers running in a row across the board indicated by arrows)
  • Dozen Bets (12 numbers in a cluster in a 4 by 3 format)

To place a dozen bet you will need place a chip on the area marked D12, M12, or P12

Inside Bets: These are bets made on the main numbered board:

  • Straight Bets –35-1 paid back with an RTP of 2.7%
  • Split Bets –17-1 paid back with an RTP of 5.4%
  • Street Bets –11-1 paid back with an RTP of 8.1%
  • Corner Bets –8-1 paid back with an RTP of 10.8%
  • Basket Bets –6-1 paid back with an RTP of 13.5%
  • Six Line Bets –5-1 paid back with an RTP of 16.2%

When you place a bet on any of these options, simply use the chip denominations on the screen by clicking on it. Next click on the ‘bet option’ to place the chip. If you want to place multiple chips, keep clicking, or if you want to place multiple chips of different value denominations, you will need to select the denomination and click on the ‘bet option’.

Finally, in the options menu, you can configure ‘Auto Adjust Bet’ and ‘Quick Spin’.

Betting Options

Racetrack: You have an option to click on a race track for Tiers, Orphelins, Voisons, and Jue Zero bets.

Cold/Hot Numbers: This roulette table keeps track of hot and cold numbers. You can place bets on either of these options.

Statistics: You can see the stats for whether odds/evens or red/black numbers are landing more often and place a bet.

Favourites: You can save your favourite bets using the star option.

X2 Bets: If you want to place bets on the same numbers but double them, click on x2.

Bet sizes, RTP and Variance

French roulette only uses 37 numbers and so the RTP is 97.3%. On American roulette tables, the extra ‘00’ number means that the RTP is shorter at 95.75%. as a result, French style roulette is much more popular amongst serious roulette players.

As for the bet sizes, it really depends on the casino that you are playing at. Some will give you 0.10-5000 bets and other 1.00-500.00 min-max bet options. Some casinos will offer you multiple versions of the same NetEnt table with different low-high stakes options.

Below we have created an example of the bet limits you can expect on a 0.10-5000 table:

  • 0.10-2,000 (Even odds outside bets)
  • 0.20-1,200 (2-1 pays outside bets)
  • 0.10-600 (Six Line Bet)
  • 0.10-400 (Corner Bet)
  • 0.10-300 (Street Bet)
  • 0.10-200 (Basket Bet)
  • 0.10-200 (Split Bet)
  • 0.10-100 (Straight Bets)

When it comes to variation, NetEnt classes roulette as high. However, the truth of the matter is that it depends on the type of bets you make. For example, outside bets are low variance because you will be paid small amounts but often. On the other hand, straight bets and split bets are high variance bets because they pay high amounts but not very often.


French roulette is perfect if you want to play roulette on a table with a different style to the norm but still get the best odds roulette can offer thanks to the single ‘0’.

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