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Perfect Blackjack demo
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500+ NetEnt No Live Table Game

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Live Table Game

Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt provides players with live Perfect Blackjack on which you can learn blackjack’s basic strategy with some guidance on whether to ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’, ‘Split’, or ‘Double Down’. This is the perfect table to maximise your wins and minimise your losses.

Table Layout

Perfect Blackjack has 3 seats and the Perfect Blackjack table clearly states that the dealer must stand on 17 or draw on 16. The cards are laid out to the left of the dealer. This table can be extended to up to 7 seats as the areas in which you place your bets are digitally added to the table.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations

As this is a live dealer table, there are no animations. NetEnt live dealer tables all use sophisticated HD webcams streamed in real-time to your mobile or desktop device. The dealer will make announcements that are fed through a high-tech microphone. As long as your speaker’s sound quality is clear, the NetEnt dealer announcements will be crystal clear. You can even hear the sound of the roulette ball in the background which is on a nearby table.

There is a player chat option so you will be able to speak with the dealer. Just type in your message, and the dealer will answer you.

  • HD Webcam technology
  • Real-time card play
  • Clear audio
  • Chat options

As for graphics, the betting areas to place your chips are intelligently placed on the table using computer graphics. The graphics are so good that it looks as if the betting areas are part of the felt.

Perfect Blackjack 1


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Gameplay Options

You can play 1 seat or up to 7 seats simultaneously, and if the table is full, your casino will have another Perfect Blackjack table open. You can also navigate through the different tables to find a dealer that you prefer to play with.

As with all games of blackjack, the objective is to create a hand as close to 21 as possible before the dealer reveals his/her hand. In order to win, the value of your hand will need to be higher than the dealer’s hand or the dealer will need to go ‘bust’. If you beat the dealer, you will be paid back at even odds (1-1), and if you win via Blackjack, you will be paid back at a rate of 3:2. If your hand goes over 21, then it will ‘bust’ and all bets are lost.

  • Aces can count as 1 or 11
  • King, Queen, and Jack's are valued at 10
  • All other cards are worth the value shown

Players always act before the dealer. Initially, every seat will be dealt 2 cards both face-up. The dealer will be dealt 2 cards but only 1 card will be face up.

Betting Options

All of the standard blackjack betting options are available. This version of live blackjack is here to help you play every hand using blackjack’s basic strategy – in essence, you should be playing ‘perfect blackjack’ hands to take full advantage of the low 0.34% house edge this game offers.

  • Stand (No more cards)
  • Hit (An additional card will be dealt)
  • Split (Split a pair into 2 hands and add an additional bet for extra hand)
  • Double Down (Double your initial bet and you will auto-hit once only)

Most blackjack players will not take insurance because the chances of the dealer having blackjack are usually 33.33%. Therefore, you will likely win this bet 1 in 3 times on average. Likewise, there are no bonus bets because the table is encouraging basic strategy. Bonus bets are heavily weighted in favour of the house with RTPs often below 85%.

Bet sizes, RTP and Variance

The minimum/maximum bet on Perfect Blackjack depends on the table you play on at your casino. There can be high, medium, and low stakes table options and several tables to play. The lowest stakes are usually in the region of 0.10 per bet, and the highest up to 500.00, but VIP players will be able to open tables with higher maximum bet limits.

Blackjack is rated as a high variance game as there are no high paying odds on this game. Playing basic strategy should mean that you eventually build up a profit or reduce your losses. The game is heavily reliant on the variation of probability which is basically associated with the terms ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streaks.


NetEnt has introduced cutting-edge streaming technology via HD webcam tech and crystal clear audio all of which functions in mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The main focus for NetEnt is to help Perfect Blackjack players play using the mathematically proven strategy known as ‘basic strategy’. There is a player chat function, all the usual betting options pro blackjack players would make use of, and up to 7 seats available. Furthermore, most casinos will have multiple Perfect Blackjack tables open during peak hours giving players the choice of dealer.

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