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Quantum Blackjack Plus demo
Return to player Min bet size Game type Variance Reels Progressive Jackpot
99.57% 1 Blackjack Low - No
Popularity Max bet size Game provider Bonus Features Paylines Theme
3000 Playtech No - Blackjack

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Quantum Blackjack Plus

Quantum Blackjack Plus is an enhanced version of Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack live dealer table game variant. The 3-card dealer bust still counts as a push on your bets rather than a win. However, there are some subtle changes to take note of. Firstly, you can win multipliers worth 10x. and there is a chance to win up to 50x your payout on this version. Secondly your chances of winning multipliers increase as they bow apply to 3-card and 5-card hands. As for basic strategy, you need to select the H17 DAS charts as the dealer stands on all 17s, and you can double after splits.

Table Layout

There are 6 decks of cards in the shoe, and you have one position to place your main bet and there is another position for the side bet option. As this is a live dealer casino game there is a real-life dealer distributing the cards, and all this action is streamed via a webcam in real-time. An important point to note is that this table uses unlimited tech so there are no queues to join this game.

Quantum Blackjack Plus 1

Gameplay Options

To begin a betting round, you will need to place a bet on the main betting circle. You do have an option to play a side bet on top of this.

  • Betting Options: Select your virtual chip denomination and place them one at a time on the felts. Thanks to the software used, placing virtual chips is very similar to placing physical chips on a blackjack table in a live casino.
  • Multipliers: An RNG picks 3 to 5 cards using an RNG, and then the RNG will assign multipliers to each. These multipliers can be 2.5x, 3x, 5x, or 10x. If one of the cards is part of your winning hand, you will win a multiplier of your bet. Note that your original bet is not returned when you win a multiplier. If you happen to win with a 5-card hand with all 5 multiplier cards worth 10x, you could win a 50x multiplier.
  • Hit: Use this option to request another card from the dealer.
  • Stand: Use this option if you do not want any new cards.
  • Double: You can double down if you feel your hand has a high chance of winning. You can also double after you split cards.
  • Split: If you receive a pair as your first 2 cards, you can split these cards into 2 hands. You will need to place another bet equal to your initial bet on your new hand. You will now play both hands in the same way as you would play any other hand.

As this table uses unlimited tech, when you ‘stand’, the hand will continue to play out as the dealer fulfills ‘hit’ requests from other players at the table. Essentially, everyone at the table is playing the same hand but making their own decisions. Eventually, the dealer’s turn will come around, and the final results announced.

Quantum Blackjack Plus 2

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Side bets

There are two side bet options on Quantum Blackjack Plus. You do not need to place a side bet for the multipliers as these are automatically applied to your ante bet.

  • Perfect Pairs (93.89% RTP): When your first 2 cards create a pair, then you win according to the pay table. A mixed pair pays 6:1. A pair of the same colour pays 12:1, and a Perfect Pair (identical cards) pays 15:1.
  • 21+3 (95.38% RTP): This is an interesting bet for 3-card poker fans. Your first 2 cards plus the dealer’s first card need to make a 3-card poker hand to win this side bet. A ‘Flush’ pays 5:1, ‘Straight’ 10:1, ‘Three of a Kind’ 30:1, ‘Straight Flush’ 40:1, ‘Suited Three of Kind’ (Trips) 100:1.

Bet Size and RTP

Quantum Blackjack Plus has a theoretical RTP of 99.57%, which is a house edge of 0.43%. You will be able to play to this house edge as long as you use the correct basic strategy charts. As for variance, blackjack pays small amounts frequently, so it is a low variance game. Even with the multipliers, you still bet the same way as you would in a standard game of blackjack without multipliers, so the variance remains low. Min-max bets vary depending on the online casino you play at. However, you will find min bets of 1.00 and most tables will accept bets of up to 3,000.


To ensure you make the correct decisions to maximise your winnings, make sure you choose the H17 DAS basic strategy charts for 4-8 decks. The way blackjack is played is exactly the same as any other game of blackjack except for the ‘push’ bet when the dealer busts with 3 cards. Aside from this, you have the added bonus of the possibility of landing a multiplier win up to 10x. There are also side bets giving you the chance to beef up your wins for each hand you play.

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